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Website Launch: Sask Drinks

It’s not every day that a hobby we share in the office comes knocking at our door* with an idea for a cool website project, so we were super excited about this one from the get go!
*metaphorically knocking at our door, there wasn’t like a 9mile growler knocking at our door, although I have had an eerily similar dream.

Sask Drinks was created to help those interested learn a bit more about Saskatchewan’s growing craft alcohol industry through an online interactive map that showcases many of our province’s finest beer, wine, and spirits (of the roughly 20 makers initially featured, we’ve tried 14 so far ourselves). Everything is organized geographically so sit down at the table, find your favourite new spot, and don’t forget to click around to find out a bit more about everyone who helped make the map a reality (psssst….click on the matches).

We really hope you all enjoy Sask Drinks as much as we did creating it.

Cody Schumacher   |   July 12, 2017

Website Featured in Saskatoon Express

Last month we launched our Season of Giving winner’s website. We’re pumped to see that Naomi, and her website This Is My Self, are front page news! Read the article below, check out the website at, and be sure to share her stories of self-love.

Andrew Scott   |   July 6, 2017

Website for Bloom NICU Fundraiser

We were approached to design a website for Bloom, an annual event dedicated to raising funds for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. This will be the sixth year the event has been put on by Amy Novakovski and Tina Searcy, two mom’s with a special place in their heart for the NICU. In previous years they relied on a Wix website, but felt it was time for their online presence to match the elegance of their event.

We’re happy to sponsor a website that not only promotes Bloom’s annual “Evening of Love” dinner, but also provides a place for other parents to share their gratitude. Bloom has raised over $142,000 for the NICU in Saskatoon, and we feel very fortunate to be able to contribute to such a great cause in our own way.

“The website is amazing!! Thank you so very much for Island’s hard work on it and for taking our vision and turning it into something so magnificent!”

-Amy Novakovski, Founder/Event Director

You can view the website at, and buy tickets through Picatic.

Andrew Scott   |   March 9, 2017

Jubilee Residences’ New Website Launch

JubileeHere at Island we love launch days. Luckily for us our latest project, a new website for Jubilee Residences, went live today!

First of all you can read all about the new webpage in Jubilee’s press release, here.

Next, we thought we would share some of our design and development processes that went into building a site, that to be honest, we are quite proud of.

As our designer Cody would tell you, his first step in this project was identifying who would be using the site. We wanted to make sure the webpage was aesthetically pleasing without limiting functionality. This project was particularly interesting because there are a variety of users who all have different needs. It was important for us to make sure all those needs were met, while still keeping it simple and nice to look it.

When coming up with the design elements it was vital to capture the value of quality care homes. We wanted to make sure that message could be felt in every aspect of the website. We also got to add some value to the site by including some new functions – you can now submit online donations (and they may need some help testing that out*wink).

Check out the new webpage here!

Kate Rawlyk   |   September 1, 2016

Sit Back & Relax with our 12 Month Packages

Like most of our clients we’re a small business too, so we understand how difficult it can be to find someone you trust to do everything you need at a manageable cost. Lately we’ve had a number of clients show interest in building a project around a 12 month package/payment structure. In response to this interest we’ve decided to create new, fully customizable monthly packages that give you exactly what you need without paying for things that you don’t. Let’s keep your time focused on the things that you do best, and we’ll be there to deliver on the things that we do best.

Some of the many benefits

Manage Costs

Spread your website and marketing expenses out over the course of a year.

Budget Easier

Consistent monthly payments to help you budget.

Limit Spending

Only pay for the services you need.

Committed Attention

We keep our time open so you remain at the top of the queue.

There When You Need Us

Whether it’s a two hour meeting or a five minute phone call, your rate stays the same. No matter how much time we commit to you each month your invoice never changes, there is no meter running.


If you require changes, the 12 month frame allows us time to adjust for your needs.

Sound good? If so, we’ve created a simple form that lets you pick all the services you want, from website design, branding, SEO, print materials, and more. There are endless combinations, so you can build a package that suits your needs and limits your costs!

Build Your Package Now

Island was built on the philosophy that great design and top quality service should always be the focus. Our hope with these packages is to make great design and and quality service more accessible than ever.

Cody Schumacher   |   August 31, 2016

Parade of Homes Starts Tonight!

Back in April, Island was approached by the Saskatoon & Region Home Builders Association (SRHBA) to create a project unlike anything we have done in recent memory. What they needed was a company that could help them re-launch their Parade of Homes that had been on hiatus for two years. This meant updating the branding, creating a new website with an interactive map, and tonnes of other supporting materials.

The Parade itself is designed to showcase the high quality work you can expect from SRHBA builder members. This year’s Parade features 24 homes located in Saskatoon, Corman Park, Warman, and Martensville and the homes themselves are easy to find thanks to the mobile-friendly map built into the website. The theme of this year’s Parade is choice, so whether you’re looking for condo downtown, an acreage outside the city, or just for new ideas, there is something for everyone.

Every step of this project has been a blast for us and we’re excited to see the parade officially get started tonight. Event projects like this are always cool for us because we get the opportunity to go out and take part in the festivities ourselves.

The Parade runs Monday – Thursday 7-9pm and Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 2-5pm until October 2nd. You can find all the details you need at If you’re out and about at the Parade you might just bump into the Island crew; if you do be sure to let us know what you think of our work!

Cody Schumacher   |   August 8, 2016

SREDA Website Launch


We’ve been working the past few months with the Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority — more conveniently known as SREDA — on redesigning their new website. Check it out at and give them a follow at @SREDA_SK.

Andrew Scott   |   May 10, 2016

Toolkits for Youth Website

Our latest website launch is a collection of resources for Saskatchewan youth. We teamed up with the Saskatchewan Alliance for Youth and Community Well-Being to create an easy-to-use website full of resources relating to Mental Health, Tobacco Use and Nutrition. The website is mobile friendly, and contains tons of information broken into an intuitive, well-labeled hierarchy. The SAYCW is able to update, organize, and label all resources, and is free to add toolkits in the future.

Check it out at

Andrew Scott   |   January 22, 2016

Website Launch: New World Interactive


ISLAND was lucky enough to work with New World Interactive to redesign their website. New World is an independent game developer whose latest release, Insurgency, was the 9th most played game on Steam in 2014. In the wake of it’s success, New World is working on new releases for their community of more than 2 million players.


We provided New World with website strategy, website design, and development services. Their website is setup to grow and evolve as they release more games, and includes a Community Forum, and integrates directly with their support platform. Check it out at, and if FPSs are you thing, have a look at Insurgency on Steam.


Andrew Scott   |   October 19, 2015

New Launch: Animal Protection Services



We’re happy to announce the release of our latest creation, the branding, website design and website development for the newly formed Animal Protection Services of Saskatchewan. The new society will be responsible for the enforcement of the Animal Protection Act in Saskatchewan. Read more about it in the news or check out their website.

Andrew Scott   |   March 26, 2015