Island Treasures

Welcome to another edition of Island treasures, we’ve been gone a little while but we promise we’ll be better at passing along these little gems more often in 2018. If you’re new to this, Island Treasures is a curated list of the coolest new things we’ve implemented into our day-to-day workflow or even just simple tools things that make life a little bit easier!


Being as it is a new year, the first thing we found is the world’s simplest tool for reminding yourself to get s*** done in 2018. 3Things conveniently lets you type the 3 most important things you want to be reminded to do this year…and best of all, they promise not to send you anything else! For example, on my 3Things list is:

  1. Learn to Swim. I figure your late 20’s is the sweet spot for learning this skill
  2. Eat Better. Currently I’m on week 2 of a pescatarian diet and haven’t had a beer in 3 weeks. PLEASE SEND HELP…I MISS 9 MILE AND CALIFORNIA RANCH RIBS.
  3. Try not to buy more dogs. I currently have 2 and apparently my wife doesn’t want to be married to the guy with one of those belt leashes..but I dunno I think Daniel Radcliffe would disagree.

Conference Calendar

This a tool that allows you to easily find conferences related to any area of tech. This has been a godsend for us and saved us countless hours of searching. As an aside, our owner recently attended the The Next Web NYC, you can read more about his experience here.


AirBNB Price Converter

This is a Chrome extension that conveniently displays the actual price per night you will pay, including fees. No more trying to figure that out for yourself as if you’re some sort of Einstein type who gets pleasure in busting out the long division only to find you indeed cannot afford to stay where you want.

UXPIN, Prototype & Design Tool

We just started using UXpin last week on their free trial and now a week later we’ve decided to go ahead and opt-in for a few months. It’s still early for us, but UXpin has allowed us to combine our wireframing, design, and prototyping output steps into one. Furthermore, being able to pass off our designs to clients in a working model as opposed to static designs lets them fully understand the User Experience much earlier on in the process. As a designer I also love it because I can actually build working animations and interactions into my designs, which saves explanation time and the potential for miscommunication when handing off designs to our developers. If you’re familiar with Creative Cloud products the UXpin interface is easy to follow and the built-in interactions are solid. I’ll keep you all posted on how my experience with UXpin proceeds.

So that’s it for another edition of Island Treasures, let us know in the comments below if you’re using any of these tools! Also don’t forget to pass on any cool things you’ve found that you think we should share!



Cody Schumacher   |   January 12, 2018