Island Treasures – February 20th

Welcome back to work, school, or whatever you find yourself doing after the long weekend! Hopefully you were able to enjoy some time off, and if not maybe it’s time to tell your boss where to go and how to get there! We’re super happy you decided to spend your first slack off of the short week with us and we hopefully the following does not disappoint!

FakeClients | Random generated client briefs


When I first became interested in graphic design I found that one of the hardest things to do was have a steady stream of  projects coming in to keep practicing on. What I would do is make up random company names and build out designs for that company as if it was a real client…but now there’s a better way! FakeClients allows you to practice up on your logo design using random generated client briefs!

Claudio Guglieri | The Tools of Creativity

Up next we’ve got a super cool cover page by designer Claudio Guglieri that works you through an interactive explanation of his tools and process while providing awesome little tidbits of info along the journey. Take a peek through and then check out more of his awesome work on his Instagram page.

GradPad | Beautiful & Quick Gradients


GradPad lets you quickly create gradients that can be exported as CSS! It gives you full control over multiple colour and opacity. Oh ya, I almost forgot the best part, there’s also an awesome inspiration gallery to get you started if you’re stuck!

10 high-resolution photos | Free for any usage


Here we have a collection of 10 high-resolution photos from Graphic Burger featuring a Lake in the Dolomites Mountains. All photos can be used freely in any kind of print or digital projects, both personal or commercial. We’ve been huge fans of Graphic Burger for years and it is such a great spot to go for incredible, and almost always FREE resources.

Duotone | Convert any photo to Duotone in Seconds!


Search thousands of images via Unsplash or drag and drop your own images into the browser to apply a duotone effect. You may recognize this photo as one of the freebies from Graphic Burger mentioned above. We quickly passed it through a default option in the settings and this popped out…safe to say we would use it again!

Cody Schumacher   |   February 20, 2018