Island Treasures – February 2nd

<p> Generic remark about how it’s February already.</p>

Great, now that we’ve got that out of the way we can dive back into our favourite part of the week…Island Treasures! Before we jump in though I’d like to just make it clear that any business or resource we feature here has in no way asked us to or frankly even known we would be including them. Everything we choose to include is 100% because we believe strongly in them/it and think that there is a benefit to providing them to you as readers! No bullshit, just treasures we love…

First up we’re going to pump a little colour into this conversation with Pigment. Pigment is a tool created by shapefactory that allows you to explore colour using lighting and pigment. It’s a very unique way to create a colour palette and I can’t wait to give it a spin on our next project and see how it affects workflow.

Now some of you may be reading this from the back of an English 110 class wondering how can someone with a real job have such bad grammar…and why do they continue to let him write these. But that’s beside the point, you may also be wondering when we’re going to throw some resources out there directly related to student life…well wait no longer! Studddent offers a Curated list of the best online student discounts. There’s a lot of great design industry standard tools included if you’re looking at getting into design yourself…just dig around a bit.

Lift Accounting is a forward-thinking accounting firm for startups and small businesses in Saskatoon. Jordan Brown built Lift on a simple concept…provide local startups and small businesses with high-value professional services at a price they can afford. We’ve been using Lift’s services for over 2 years and cannot say enough good things about the team they have and would be lost without them on a day-to-day basis. If you need any accounting help for your startup or small business and can’t afford to break the bank, you’re in good hands at Lift!

Last in this edition of Island treasures is a killer collection of curated Team & About Pages from around the web. This list was put together by the always worth visiting and showcases over 30 of the web’s most unique approaches to Team and About pages. I’m personally really digging Coulee Creative’s approach, as well as Bear Ideas’ take on the team page!


Cody Schumacher   |   February 2, 2018