Island Treasures – Fuck the Poor, Emoji Lists, and a Dog Playing Bagpipes

Hey everyone, are you ready for more Island treasures? We’re hoping you’re enjoying stopping by and hopefully you’re getting some sweet sweet inspiration from these heading into the weekend! By now you know the drill, but if you’re new around here Island treasures is a regular instalment where we show you some of the coolest things around the web we’ve found over the past week or so. This includes things from design resources to funny videos to everything in between that helps our day-to-day process whether we’re working or playing!

Fuck the Poor

Whoa, language alert. Did that get your attention? Good. That’s exactly what Publicis London was after in their 2014 campaign for Pilion Trust, a small charity in London.

Emoji Bullet List

Other than complete world peace, we can’t think of anything more important to today’s society than this amazing tool. Emoji Bullet list auto creates fancy lists that automatically pick relevant emojis for your bullet points! Ok so this really doesn’t help out our day to day too much but when the boss makes a list of things to get done and uses emojis for context…it’s guaranteed to be a good week.

Check it Out

Awesome Public Domain Images, Illustrations, and more!

The Public Domain Review was founded in 2011, and we’re not sure how it took us this long to find it! The PDR is not-for-profit project dedicated to the exploration of works from the history of art, literature, and more. Wonderfully their focus is on works which have now fallen into public domain that everyone is free to enjoy, share, and build upon without restriction. If that doesn’t entice you enough already then surely this ridiculous illustration we found on the PDR from the 13th century will!

The Power of Promotional Products | MOTIF

Anytime we need to recommend someone to a client for promo products, or even just need some new Island swag, we call down to our pseudo-neighbours MOTIF. Their crew honestly just makes the process so much easier than anyone we’ve worked with in the past. From our standpoint, it makes so much sense to have quality designers and product experts in-house and they’ve got that in spades!

Visit their Website

Super Cool Wolverine CGI Video

Take a coffee break and watch this video! We found it the other day when our pal Reggie Watts brought it up on an episode of Joe Rogan’s podcast. It’s an outstanding behind the scenes look at the digital double process used to create the stunning VFX work for the movie Logan. I had already seen the movie before watching this video blew my mind because of how well it’s done and how much I missed in real time watching movie.

Cody Schumacher   |   January 26, 2018