Island Treasures – Olympic Edition

One of my favourite part about the olympics is seeing the design that comes out of the host country. It gives us an idea of what design trends are happening in other countries, and can often serve as good inspiration to use on our local projects. So in honour of the opening of the Olympic Games, here are our Island Treasures, Olympic Edition.

LA 2028

This is a website we’ve been referring to a lot during our daily inspiration while we work on projects. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Notice the small details like how the side navigation ripples when it opens or closes, and their 3D interactive map is incredible. And if the website doesn’t wow you, check out the branding.

Olympic Posters throughout History

Check out the complete 120 year history of the posters designed for the olympics at Our favourite is definitely Mexico from ’68 – although the website we’re linking to has a version different than the one I picked up at the original Olympic Stadium in Greece last year.


All Posters

The Mascots

Who doesn’t love the Olympic mascots? Probably the children, cause most of them are creepy and weird looking. Here’s a link to the full history since the mascot was introduced in 1968…looking at that one though, it’s surprising it wasn’t a one-time thing.

Seriously, what the heck is that thing?



Andrew Scott   |   February 9, 2018