Spec Work

We don’t always get asked to do Spec Work, but when we do it reminds of us this video from a few years ago.


In nearly every case we’ve experienced, it is never the client’s intent to receive free work, they are simply not aware of what they are requesting. There is just something about design that makes people think we can just whip it together, and they can pick their favourite. Maybe it’s because good design is typically made to look simple and effortless. However good design requires strategy, and consultation with the client and target audience, and also relies on years of education and experience.

The Graphic Designers of Canada put it best on their blog post What is Speculative Work?

“There must be collaboration between the client and the designer, for design to be an effective business asset.”

We don’t do spec work because it leads to subpar results. It also has a negative impact on the design industry as a whole, leading to work being undervalued, and promoting unethical practices. If you want to learn more, check out nospec.com or watch the video below.

Andrew Scott   |   March 21, 2017